Business Students and Graduates - Share your passion and have a chance to win £250!

Get ready to inspire the next generation of students! Tell us all about why you love your chosen subject via letter! You know what it's like making important life decisions about your future, so tell us all about why you are passionate about what you do. 

A younger student could find your story inspiring and it could help them to make big decisions about their future. What message do you want to pass along to the next generation of would-be undergrads? Your perspective on Higher Education might be just what they need to help them make major life choices.

Put your heart and soul into your story - the more inspiring it is the better chance you have of winning £250! A selection of the letters that we receive will be published in colleges in the UK to inspire students who are making big decisions about their future in Higher Education. 

Your inspirational story should be approximately 1250 words. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started writing and good luck! 

Please send your inspirational letter to