About Us

Our Mission

Bringing Businesses and Job Seekers Together

To connect students and graduates with the latest business related jobs. 

To provide our clients with focused access to a pool of very talented jobseekers with transferable skills and strong commercial awareness.

To help entrepreneurial business students and graduates to find useful advice and support.

To make a positive impact on the aspirations of young people in our UK communities.

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Our Vision

Big Hopes for the Future

We're on the road to becoming the UK's leading online jobsite for all graduates and students who have studied or are studying a business related degree. 

Our goal is to help thousands of students and graduates to find great employment opportunities.

Let's inspire the minds of future generations! With our company profits our goal is to fund inspirational workshops in schools and encourage young people of all backgrounds to follow their dreams. 

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What We Do

We Create Connections

Our sourcing services - We have several experienced sourcing experts throughout the UK working with us to connect great candidates to the very latest jobs.

Businesses - We also specialise in directly advertising your vacancies to candidates with an understanding of the business environment, and find you the perfect person for the position. 

Students & Graduates - We promise to keep you updated on the hottest opportunities available, as well as running engaging and inspirational seminars in educational institutions across the UK.

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Why We Do it

To Make the World a Better Place

Many young people in the UK do not have an inspiring role model to encourage them to succeed. Unfortunately, this leads to poverty, underachievement, mental health and behavioural issues in society. How can we inspire the younger generation to do better? 

By using our services you will be helping us to fund life-changing workshops for young people in the UK, helping them to go on and lead more successful lives. 

We are in the business of inspiration!

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